WANT TO BE OUR PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Come to see us during your trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We offers some of the programs to the sponsored education and volunteers who has capacity and availability to help us. Again SRMCDO would like to incite anyone from all over the world to support us and the community. Any inquiry and donation may address to the following email: srmcdo@gmail.com

Friday, March 15, 2019

Welcome to Our Muslim Communities in Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

بسم الله الرحمن الرالحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This program aim to provide and improve the skills for the society. Seim Reap Muslim Community Development Organization (SRMCDO) instigates and implements the vocational training program for small children and adults in the purpose of providing them a better knowledge. Adolescents get additional skills at either computer or English to improve their chances of employment and improve their English communication skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our goal in conducting this English training is to provide them good English skills, so they may continue their study in university or having sufficient English skills to apply for a good job and improve their quality.

Since the SRMCDO established we have made an agreement with MUSLIM AID CAMBODIA (MAC) and oversea donors to become development partners in implementation of a project titled: "Vocational Training to the educated but unskilled youths: English Language and Computer skills". After this project has implemented we have seen that the students have gained the proper skill at either English and computer skill. With fully supported from Muslim Aid to run English and Computer training skills our students are able to communicate in English effectively. They also can use both internet and Microsoft office well. Some students can repair and set up computers. If compare to last few years ago, it is quite difference; they knew nothing about English language, computer and internet. They could not even speak English to foreigners, but now most of them could read, write and speak English very well. They use English as the way for their communication and for their daily works

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Orphan program is to provide basic necessities for needy orphans, such as foods, cloths, education, and healthcare. Our program has started with few orphans in 2014, nowadays our program become bigger because of the generous people/families abroad such as Belgium, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia and some foreigner tourists who come to visit Siem Reap.

To know more about orphans programs please click this link below.
Give a future to a needy child by your donation or Zakat, you can make a big difference in the life of the orphans.
Email us at: info@siemreapmuslim.org

Friday, September 17, 2010

The SRMCDO provides the following programs:

1. Vocational Training Program:
To provide and improve the skills for the society, SRMCDO instigates the vocational training program. Adolescents get additional skills at either computers or English to improve their chances of employment.

2. Student Sponsorship Program:
The SRMCDO has sent some students to the Australian Centre of Education (ACE), to improve their English, so they will be available to transfer their knowledge to other SRMCDO’s students. In addition we have sent some students to the college and university in Siem Reap. All this can happen with the support of our sponsorship program.

3. Volunteer Program:
As we have many programs, we offers some of the programs to the volunteers who have the capacity and availability to help us. You can be in our English teaching or computer training, involved in our women's development program or contribute in our ECC, fund raising, tours etc.

4. English Conversation Club:
As Siem Reap is a touristic town that attract many tourists to visit, the use of English is an important extra skills. The SRMCDO established a free ECC program twice a week for their students and community to practice English in their daily life.

5. Shadakah Centre Program:
The SRMCDO realized that to build a better community is not easy and requires a lot of resources. For that reason, the Shadakah centre program set up to encourages donors to participate in our fund raising.

6. E-Qurban and Aqiqah: 
This program aims to provide Qurban and Aqiqah to the philanthropists who would like to do the Qurban and Aqiqah obligations and distribute the meat to poor community members in Seam Reap.


7. Building School Program:
We believe that by providing good education to the community this will in the long run eradicate poverty and improve their quality of live. For this reason the SRMCDO want to support the construction of schools to provide a place to study. 

8. Women's Development Program:
The SRMCDO is concerned about the disadvantaged women in the family, and therefore, tries to facilitate improving their skills for living, such as: handicraft production and sewing skills.


The SRMCDO provides support in the income generation of community member, especially for the Tuk Tuk drivers. As Siem Reap is touristic town, the SRMCDO offers tours packages and good restaurants for the tourists to enjoy the local Khmer foods.

We hope to be able to talk with you in the future, if you would like to know more about the SRMCDO kindly send us your inquiry, comments and ideas to help us to be able to develop the Islamic Cham community in Siem Reap in particular and Cambodia in general: info@siemreapmuslim.org ; WhatsApp: (+855) 96 400 7777
Thank you for visiting us!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Iftar at Floating Muslim Village in Seam Reap

Are you fasting? hungry, wanna have Iftar together with Muslim's Seam Ream Community.. just visit our SRMCDO leader Bro Zaky, and you will be welcome to joint our iftar function. Some kind philanthropist from local and oversea donate for this iftar-breaking fasting event with the Muslim floating village (Siem Reap, Tonle Sap Lake). The condition of the floating village housing, look very simple and full of limitation. We did our breaking fasting (Iftar) in the floating market.. Hmmm good food again, the fried hot chicken and rices are always attempted to try.

After breaking fasting, then taking ablutions.. hmm.. the clean water quiet difficult to find.. limited..
some people took ablutions from the muddy river's water. We finished the function about 1 hour, so on the way back home the road still same dark.. no so many lamps road around.. only some far distance got some lights for trapping grasshoppers.. (jangkrik).

Beside doing the Iftar at the mosques around Seam Reap provinces, SRMCDO also sometimes conducted the event in the office and almost everyday in the mosque has iftar function. Everybody are welcome to joint. Thanks

Iftar with our students our and Muslim leaders in Siem Reap

Every year we have foods distribution and iftar around Cambodia

Your food packages will fulfill the needy during the whole month of Ramadan

Our team make trips of distribution the foods every year in month of Ramadan

Tonle Sap floating village community in Siem Reap
Iftar at floating mosque at Tonle Sap Lake, Siem Reap

Iftar at Darul Ulum Poi Pet

Out door Iftar in Siem Reap

Iftar with Muslim Community in Psa Leu, Siem Reap Town